MoonriseBlogs: The Return

I felt compelled to start the blog section of my website up again this past week & to my surprise I realized my last blog post was exactly one day shy of a year ago. 

I read my own plans & dreams & realized that I let myself down in some aspects. I asked myself a question that I often do- why do I hold myself back? Why do I stunt my own growth? It's easy to blame the usual suspects- anxiety, depression, & fear. It doesn't make it any easier to stomach or break past, however.

So, how do I break past these barriers? After a personally tough year, I've felt creatively stunted & unsure of the future of MoonriseWhims. I forgot a lot of the simple joys of being an artist & creator. I forgot the joy of teaching & sharing but I'm ready to reclaim that.

I think sometimes we have to force ourselves to change our attitudes & outlook on the world, even if we don't feel that way inside yet. I used to not like the phrase "fake it til' you make it" but I see the merit in it now. I have to make myself uncomfortable to allow myself to grow. 

With that said my goal for this new year, in the wake of my one year anniversary of the debut of my own website, is to make the Renee of this past year very proud. 

♡ Renee

MoonriseBlogs: A Quick Introduction