MoonriseBlogs: A Quick Introduction

Three years ago I wasn’t quite sure yet what my business would sell or altogether do but I knew it would be centered on my life’s passion; embroidery. The rest was yet to come & ever-evolving.

Big changes are downright terrifying but if I’ve learned anything from the past it’s that if it’s scary, I’m probably on the right track. It’s been my goal & dream for years to be running independently from my own website & I am looking forward to expanding my business beyond just embroidery hoop art by finally introducing patterns, kits, & supplies in the very near future.

Beyond this, I’m really looking forward to becoming a regular blogger. I’ve always loved to write (I did, after all, write a book last year!) & have a lot that I can’t wait to share from tips & tricks, DIY projects, & life as a self-employed business owner. This life is decidedly weird & wonderful (& nothing like it may seem on Instagram).

I hope you’ll be along for the ride!

♡ Renee  

MoonriseBlogs: The Return