About Me:

MoonriseWhims was created in 2014 by Renee Rominger (that’s me!). I’ve always been a creative person & come from a creative family so when I found myself suddenly jobless & in the middle of a quarter-life crisis I decided it was as good of a time as any to try turning my passion into a business.

I’ve stitched in some form ever since I was little kid & dabbled in nearly every art medium but it wasn’t until I tried embroidery as a teenager that I felt like I had found my “thing”. Even to this day, after stitching thousands of pieces, I still feel a spark of joy & love every day for embroidery.

Over the years MoonriseWhims & my style has changed dramatically. Professionally & creatively, I strive to always challenge myself so that every day I am a little bit better than I was the day before.

In early 2016 I began my journey to authorship when I began working on Edgy Embroidery (Available now - Order your copy today on Amazon or Barnes & Noble!). I have nearly two decades of stitching experience & being able to pour every tip & trick I know into my first book felt amazing. 

I’m currently a 29-year-old year old living in San Diego county with my husband & two pups. MoonriseWhims is my full-time career & my days are usually spent stitching while binging podcasts or tending to my myriad plants.

What does MoonriseWhims mean?

Back in 2014, without a fully-formed idea of what exactly I wanted to sell or do in my hypothetical business, I knew I at least needed a name to start. I wanted it to represent me but also sound beautiful, if not a little bizarre so it would be memorable. I must have had over 100 words scribbled down. How do I represent myself in two words?

After a few days of pondering I knew at least these two things: I was a hopeless night owl who had a hard time nailing down -exactly- what I wanted to do. Thus, MoonriseWhims was born. A little vague, a little weird, but entirely all me.